My work is about closeness - closeness to the surface of my paintings, to my subjects, and the viewer. I see the painting as a conduit between the viewer and me, through which my experiences become palpable or sensible. I focus on love and desire in my work because they are both fundamental human experiences, but also what used to mark me as different : when confronted with views about queer experiences, the feeling that they don't reflect my own experience often appears. Situated between introspection and the reproduction of outward appearances, I see my work as a response to a subtle but pervasive dehumanization of desire and identities.

In my process, I search for affinities between textures, marks or color relationships and moment in my life, ranging from banal to symbolic. The various ways I touch the surface of the painting articulate my relationship to the image and shape its emotional narrative. My paintings, made from photography or observational drawings, depict people I’m affected by in the spaces that surround me. I think of the images I use as a sign pointing in the direction of the psychological world of the paintings - the colors and the textures as carrying most of their emotional weight.

Influenced by people I admire and by foregrounding color and gesture in the painting, I try to create a connection with the viewer that speaks to the shared sensations of the bodies we inhabit.

David Weishaar (B. 1987 Haguenau, France)

Lives and Works in Lausanne, Switzerland



2013 - Master of Visual Arts. European Art Ensemble. ECAL. Lausanne (CH)

2011 - Bachelor of Visual Arts. ECAL. Lausanne (CH)

2009 - Licence of Visual Arts. UDS. Strasbourg (FR)

solo/duo shows (selected)

2020 - The Night. As part of the Swiss Art Awards 2020. Ateliers de Bellevaux. Lausanne (CH)

-  Obscured By Clouds. Studio Binichain. Geneva (CH)

- Lieber Maler Male Mir (with Jessica Russ). La Ferme de la Chapelle. Lancy (CH)

2018 - Rayon Vert (with Jessica Russ). Cabinet Gailloud-Matthieu. Lausanne (CH)

2017 - Presque Ombre. Galerie Kiss The Design. Lausanne (CH)

2015 - Speculum. Espace d’art La Placette. Lausanne (CH)

group shows (selected)

2020 - Swiss Made II. Galerie Ribordy Thetaz. Genève (CH)

- Endless Summer. Galerie Sabine Bayasli. Paris (FR)

- Des Seins A Dessein 2020/Fondation Francine Delacrétaz. Espace Arlaud. Lausanne (CH)

2018 - The Owls Are Not What They Seem. Galerie Heinser-Reszler. Lausanne (CH)

Curated by Olivia Fahmy.

- Solitudes Molles Sous La Lumière Bleue. Espace Témoin. Genève (CH)

Curated by Gabrielle Boder, Léonor Després, Tadeo Kohan, Anouk Schumacher

2017 - De La Lumière De Cendre. ZQM. Berlin (GE)

Curated by Ascanio Cecco

- Post-Apocalyptic Holidays. Quartier Général. Chaux-de-Fonds (CH)

2016 - Novembre à Vitry. Galerie Jean-Collet. Paris (FR)

- La Grande Place. Centre d’Art Contemporain. Yverdon (CH)

Curated by Karine Tissot

- 100 HUE. Local d’Art Contemporain. Vevey (CH)

2014 - Vrombissement Dans La Chambre À Coucher. Selecta. Nyon (CH)

Curated by Barbara Ciampa, Florian Luthy

- You Only Live Once. Galerie Da Mihi. Berne (CH)

- Murmurial. Curtat Tunnel. Lausanne (CH)

Curated Mélodie Mousset

- I Really Lov U (with Jaz Ayling). Espace d’art Saint-Valentin. Lausanne (CH)

2013 - Rires Et Bâillements. La Maison du Vallon. Lausanne (CH)

Curated by Collectif Arte Della Tavola

- Monade Nomade. Les Docks. Lausanne (CH)

Curated by Collectif Arte Della Tavola

- Colon Cannibal. Démart. Lausanne (CH)

Curated by Collectif Arte Della Tavola

2012 - Neo-Maso. Sylvie Fleury's Studio. Genève (CH)

- Le Retranchement. Le Manoir. Martigny (CH)

Curated by Valentin Carron, Stéphanie Moisdon

awards and residencies

2020 - Finalist in the art category, Swiss Art Awards 2020

2019 - Berlin, 6 month residency assigned by Etat de Vaud (CH)

- First and second Art Price assigned by Concours AMP, Musée de Pully (CH)


- Crédit Suisse

- Ville de Lausanne

- Villa Bernasconi

- Musée d'Art de Pully


2019 - Art Verge /

2018 - Le 24heures /

2017 - Lausanne Contemporain, Guide Vol. IV, Collectif FLAC

2016 - The Art Factory Magazine, Paris

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